The Venus Factor Diet Program 2014

March 27, 2014

VF 2014

Have you heard about the Venus Factor weight loss program? It’s not a diet, but a weight management control program exclusively for woman.  This is the hottest thing for 2014 and probably beyond as it has shown incredible results for females of all ages, sizes, and shapes.  Use it to either lose weight or gain weight in all the right places.  Heavy emphasis on sculpting an “earthy” woman who has real curves and not afraid to show them!

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Smokers Are Cheap, Really They Are!

February 3, 2014


We are such cheapskates aren’t we? When it comes to eating or smoking there is no exception here for most individuals.

Finding cheap e cigarettes is right in front of your nose pal, check it out. The best price and focus on quality are featured within reason.

Why pay more when you don’t need to, it stupid and reckless. People who vape (the trending word used in place of smokers) want it all and want it at bargain prices, so this post is for you!

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The Premium Electronic Cigarette

December 16, 2013

So many controversy is being discussed about e-cigarettes regarding their intention, health effects, etc. While it’s all speculation at this point, there are a few things you need to take note of.

A product is as good as it’s quality. Meaning if you buy a cheap product, you expect inferior performance right? Same in the vaping community… A premium electronic cigarette will out perform those inexpensive ones you can get at the local gas station. Those tend to be lacking taste and well, they break far too soon. You get what you for, so suck it up and deal with it!

Paying a little more will get you so much more when it comes to e cigarettes. Check out Vapor Zone as they offer top quality vaping devices plus the best e juice on the market – tested for quality – even though they do not need to do that.  VaporZone does it because they want a high customer base and to be the #1 brand.

vapor zone

vaporzone e-liquid ingredients

Knowing that, would you buy from them?  Most people would as that is the main selling point.  Their very flavorful e liquids will keep you coming back for more… and more… and more! ;)

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Where Is The Love?

December 8, 2013

So it’s been another year alone has it? Perhaps you have tried to look for love to only find a rotten lemon or a bunch of weirdos who you can’t spend one more minute with. Don’t you wish there were love tarot readings that could tell you all the answers, or at least give you an idea of what to do next or what to keep an eye out for?


There are plenty of places you can seek that advice from, unfortunately most are a bunch of liars ans scam artists who just want your hard earned money. However there are a handful of real psychics who use tarot cards and astrology or even astro dice to help you in your search for love (even for answers to a cheating bum too!), you just need to know where to look and become familiar of what a real psychic is.

The best way is to see who has been around the longest and review their shop or website to find an ill words about them. Of course you will find some people who are not satisfied but maybe they didn’t get what this was all about.  A real psychic goes by feeling and gut reactions to things you present to them as they show up in the planetary alignments or in the tarot card.  These tools of the trade helps them help you.

Love is not always easy, for some it seems to come easy, and for others it seems to never come… so don’t wonder and ponder feeling sorry for yourself any longer, do something about it!  Visit to learn more about psychic readings and how the tarot can work for you.

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Auto Insurance During Leasing Terms

September 6, 2013

Most leasing companies will want to you to use their insurance carrier for all your auto ins needs. But, just like a home loan you want to keep a few things separate so you maintain control of your finances.

auto insurance

It’s very easy these days to find car insurance quotes through 3rd party carriers on your own. It’s OK, you won’t upset the leasing agent even though they may be cut out of a commission. Too bad.

Go to this site and compare the lowest auto insurance rates being offered up by the top companies. But before you do, make sure you know how much coverage you need. Similar to other types of insurance so don;t pay for more than you need.

Of course if you are leasing and automobile you are required to have full coverage, just note that there are other add-on’s you may not need within that policy.

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Are Online Loans Worth It?

August 23, 2013

relax, you got cash?

Getting a loan can be a relief, but be careful you get a good interest rate. When you get payday loans online the interest rate may be very high, but the loan is relatively low so it does not make that big of a difference ($20 on $100 or so is the average).

Look at it this way… if you borrow $150, you pay back $170. From a certain point of view it seems ludicrous but just about anyone would be willing to take that deal if all they have left in their refrigerator is moldy bread and peanut butter that is hard as cement. That $20 is nothing compared to someone desperate to eat!

Are those quickie paycheck loans worth it? You betcha.  It’s not an investment opportunity it’s a mode of survival.

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Best Forms of Investing Right Now

August 11, 2013

To invest you need capital and readily available funds, right? Well, that is how most people do it anyway. The king of investing Mr. Warren Buffet explains a few things and spills the beans on real estate investing.

Compelling to say the least. He knows his stuff! Don’t let the informal setting and frumpy fashion deter you from the message.

And this is just one way to go as there are many ways to free up cash and then turn around and invest that cash to grow it exponentially.  As a start, you can refinance your car, home, and other loans as well as sell off a bunch of your sacred stuff that you know you no longer use or need and even want.  Check out these refinance home mortgage tips and put a plan into action.

The real estate market is alive and well, it’s the person who knows how to work with the current trends in order to make a profit.  Sometimes that means fast buying and selling and other times it means waiting for the right moment.  But in the meantime, collecting rent until the moment comes along so you keep the flow of funds coming in instead of going out.

Investing in insurance is hot right now, check out these heath insurance quotes and get in on a great policy before the country goes down the socialist road.

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